Empire City, also known as De Vu City, is located in the heart of Thu Thiem District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. Thu Thiem Empire City has been building a fever for real estate in Thu Thiem District 2 in particular and the entire Saigon market in general with the project apartment Empire City Keppel Land locate a region with the utility of the sector, total service, beyond the standard 5 sao.


Investor: Empire City was developed by Joint Venture Tien Phuoc, Keppel Land, Gaw Capital Partners and Tran Thai.

Land area: 14.5 ha

Land for commercial area: 3 lots

Land for housing: 8 lots

Product Type: Singapore-style high-end commercial apartment with light and atmosphere, all designed to be large balcony corner and large living room.

Project Size: Total Empire City Apartments: See more 3,000 luxury apartments.

11 blocks: 8 blocks and 3 blocks from 7 to 34 floors.

86-storey building (the highlight of the project and the new urban Thu Thiem).

Organizing 5 & 6 star hotels.

Business Complex, high-class service.

Office and 3000 apartments, and serviced apartments.

Underground parking.


Pause long stable with Vietnamese

Possession 50 years for foreigners

Address: The Area 2 (District 2B) under the Thu Thiem New Urban Area, District 2, opposite Ben Nha Rong, Thu Thiem Tunnel.


Finishing the project:

Phase 1: Construction (2 towers No. 4 and 7 floors from 25 to 35 floors): Quarter 2/2020

Stage 2 (Tower 8 + 11)

Stage 3 (Building the tower number 9 +10).

Stage 4 (Tower 1 + 2 + 3) is a block of commercial center, office, hotel 6 stars.

Total estimated budget: 2022

Describe further:

The special feature of the project will be the 86-storey tower tower named Empire City Tower 86, the iconic apartment tower of Saigon in the future.

The Thu Thiem Empire City is located in the heart of Thu Thiem new urban area along the Saigon River (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) with a total investment capital of US $ 1.2 billion. to a complex commercial center, high-end service, administrative center, 5 star hotel, shopping center, shopping center, entertainment, restaurants, cafe for residents in Empire City as well as all the residential area in Saigon.


Ms. Tống Nam Trân

P: 0911408858

E: tran.tong@era.com.vn


This is the new version of District 1 of the future. District 1 has no traffic congestion, no infrastructure restrictions, no crowded spaces with undulating buildings. This is a better version of District 1: District 1.2.

Empire City is a dynamic place, a favorite place and an attractive destination to attract the discerning traveler to experience the best of Vietnam.

Be part of a new community that puts comfort and convenience in living, working, playing, meeting, shopping, and style.

The iconic Empire City brand. It represents the four main components of the project (housing, office, shopping mall, hotel) and represents the strategic cooperation of the top four investors as well as the location Location of the project along the Saigon River.


The Empire City project is located in the most prosperous area of ​​Thu Thiem Urban Area – this is a residential area in the development plan of Ho Chi Minh City and the Central, divided into eight zones with different features. , in which Zone Two (where Empire City is located) will be a multi-functional complex including commerce, sports, entertainment and residential. Convenient transportation, near the river market, close to the trade exchange, it is clear that this is a strong point for the residents living in real estate projects Empire City. Many people have booked the apartment just because the location is too strategic in Saigon.

– Located on the East bank of the city, can connect quickly with the center of District 1 and neighboring districts extremely fast you only take about 5 minutes through Thu Thiem Tunnel is connecting to the center of Saigon.
– Adjacent Mai Chi Tho, East-West Highway.
– Go to Hanoi Highway and Long Thanh Dau Giay Expressway to Dong Nai, Vung Tau
– The green river Saigon.
– Arrive at commercial places, shopping, entertainment, school district 2 about 6 – 8 minutes
– Through Phu My Hung District 7 about 15 minutes by car.

Existing external utility adjacent to the project

  • Parkson Trade Center
  • Metro An Phu Supermarket
  • Big C Cantavill
  • Large market electric machine market
  • An Khanh Primary School, Thu Thiem Secondary School, Binh Khanh Market, …
  • Rach Chiec Golf Course
  • Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien


1. Relax with a sofa seat

2. Outdoor fitness center

3. Rock climbing wall artificial

4. Stairs connecting 2nd and 3rd floors

5. Terraced garden with seating

6. Tennis Court + Basketball Court

7. Watch tennis / relaxation and waiting area

8. Toilets and dressing rooms

9. Pool with bed and sofa

10. Swimming the beach is like child play equipment

11. The resort is like a swimming pool

12. Waterfalls

13. Jacuzzi

14. Children playground with tree house

15. BBQ Garden

16. Lawn to play for children and multi-purpose use

17. Outdoor swimming pool

18. The running track

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